What Is Jolly Phonics?

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Phonics for kids is a unique programme to teach kids the English alphabet through different Phonics sounds. Many of the Phonics classes follow the method of Jolly Phonics for children.

Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics is a recognised Phonics learning process introduced by Jolly Academy to teach the English alphabet through different Phonics sounds. The important thing to note is that Jolly Phonics teaches the sound in their order, which is not in alphabetical order.


There are five skills in Jolly Phonics that are taught during the Phonics drill:

  1. Phonics Sounds- Teaching the kids the English alphabet through 42 different Phonics sounds.
  2. Formation of letters- With the help of multi-sensory methods, kids can learn the Phonics words list.
  3. Blending in Phonics- It teaches the children to read and write unfamiliar Phonics words through sounds. This helps the kids to read Phonics stories easily.
  4. Segmenting- Teaching the kids 42 distinct sounds along with the different digraphs like sh, ai, ue and th. The Phonics Sounds chart helps the kids to learn the Phonics words easily.
  5. Teaching tricky words- Certain words have irregular spellings that can confuse the child. Those words are taught separately through the method of ‘Look, Cover, Write and Check.’

The Phonics Bird word formation is taught through different Phonics sound formations, which differs from the normal way of learning.


The Phonics Classes online session follows the Jolly Phonics method. There are various Phonics books on Jolly Phonics. But if you are looking for a Phonics expert for your kids, look no further and contact us at www.phonicstree.com. Our experts at Phonics Tree will guide your child to the world of Phonics.


Jolly Phonics is the recommended and the most renowned method of teaching Phonics to children in Phonics classes. The children are made well-versed in the five different skills provided by Jolly Phonics. For more details, kindly reach our Phonics experts on www.phonicstree.com.



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