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Phonics gives your kids a head start at school enhancing early literacy skills.
Eligibility (Kids Age Group 4-7)

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Benefits of Learning Phonics

❖ Helps identify words on their own while reading.
❖ Develops speak and language at an early age.
❖ Develops a strong vocabulary and encourages reading.
❖ Helps reading unfamiliar words fluently.
❖ Inculcates reading habits at a very early age.


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At Phonics Tree, we focus on key Factors for a Child to Learn



Motivation is the key to start learning, we prepare the student before learning process starts



We know how to grab the child’s attention, we use the best interactive tools needed to keep the little learner attentive



We create opportunities for students to apply the learning



Evaluation helps us understand the child’s progress and identifies opportunities to learn more

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Regular Communication with Parents

We keep the child's learning and progress at the core of our objectives, and progress happens both in class and at home.

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Whether you're looking for a rich cultural experience or superior language education, you'll find both in the exciting environment of Phonics Tree.

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Our Phonics Teachers

Trained and certified in UK Jolly Phonics with significant experience in delivering quality Phonics classes
Rohan Joseph

Rohan Joseph

Phonics Teacher @Phonics Tree
I like working with small children, language teaching is my expertise. With a Phonics Teaching certification, it gives me immense joy everyday to work with Phonics Tree
Radhika Jayraj

Radhika Jayraj

Phonics Teacher @Phonics Tree


What Is Jolly Phonics?

Phonics for kids is a unique programme to teach kids the English alphabet through different Phonics sounds. Many of the Phonics classes follow the method of Jolly Phonics for children. Jolly

How to Teach Phonics Step by Step

Phonics is a fun and interactive way of teaching kids the English alphabet with the help of different sounds. With 42 different Phonic sounds, this multi-sensory method of learning Phonics for

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Phonics Tree has been an offline Phonics school for few years. With incredible success stories, we have moved to an online teaching model which makes learning fun, safe and effective.

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